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Whether you have suffered and injury, or have gait abnormalities, at Complete Foot & Ankle Specialty, we have a wide range of braces that fit your needs. Our physicians are highly trained in accommodating the correct brace you may need.

Custom and non-custom orthotics
Experiencing foot or heel pain? Considering buying orthotics to help relieve the pain?  The first thing you should know is an orthotic is a shoe insert that supports the abnormal movement of a foot. Made of different materials and quality, not all orthotics are created equal. Understandably, people spend much time and money using the wrong orthotic.

When you experience foot pain, specifically in the arch of the foot, you likely thought you needed more cushion. A softer sole or more cushion feels great, but it doesn’t address the underlying issue causing the foot pain. This is where many people looking to buy orthotics make their mistake. Knowing which orthotic you need and using our bend test will save you from wasting money and living with more pain.

Orthotic manufacturers make their products to do one of two things:
To provide cushion and comfort. These orthotics are flimsy and made of memory foam. They are an added level of comfort compared to the insoles that come with your shoes. What these orthotic manufacturers don’t tell you is, memory foam orthotics are a short term fix.

To support the abnormal movement of a foot. Foot pain isn’t normal. When you’re experiencing foot pain, it’s due to an abnormality in your foot. These orthotics promote proper foot alignment and movement. Flimsy memory foam can’t do this, so manufacturers use a sturdier material that provides support and stability to keep your foot in place. 

The Bend Test
A basic way of knowing what your shoe insert was made for is to simply bend it. If you can bend your insert wherever you please, or if you can roll it, then it is an insert made for cushion, not for support. 
Alternatively, when trying to bend the insert, if the area where the arch of the foot sits doesn’t bend, then you have a supportive

Cost: Varies, based on insurance
A custom orthotic is a prescribed medical device from a doctor. Custom means,  a doctor uses casts, impressions, or scans to perfectly fit your foot. A doctor-designed orthotic will control the alignment and function of your foot. These orthotics will treat or prevent abnormal motion, or rolling, of the foot. By redistributing the pressure on the bottom of your feet, you’ll reduce discomfort, pain and calluses. Custom orthotics will increase effectiveness and decrease pain experienced with various cardio activities.   The doctors at Complete Foot & Ankle Specialty provide custom orthotics for patients dealing with foot pain, including chronic arch or heel pain.

If you’re dealing with constant foot pain, a quick trip to the pharmacy won’t be a long term fix. Consider visiting your podiatrist for a proper diagnosis before you spend any money on a shoe insert.  If you do go searching for the home remedy remember you should NEVER spend more than $75 for an insert/arch support.

If the over the counter arch support does not fix your foot pain, you need to see a podiatrist. Podiatrists are the experts when it comes to foot and ankle health.  They can prescribe a custom orthotic for you. Remember, just because a store advertises their product as “custom fit” does not mean it is “custom”. Talk to your doctor before making any purchases to ensure you get the best possible help for your feet!  If you’d like to learn more about orthotics,  and make and appointment today!


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