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Heel Pain

Heel pain in children is vastly different from heel pain in adults.

If you experience severe heel pain when you first step out of bed, plantar fasciitis may be the cause. The podiatrists at Complete Foot & Ankle Specialty have extensive experience treating plantar fasciitis and helping heel pain go away. With a location that is easily assessable, you can get relief at your convenience. Call or schedule a visit online at Complete Foot & Ankle Specialty today to get the plantar fasciitis help you need.

Heel Pain in Children
Heel pain is common in active teenagers, especially during their growth spurt years. Unlike adult heel pain, which is usually caused by plantar fasciitis, teenaged heel pain is usually caused by an injury to the growth plate of the heel bone (Sever’s disease). Growth plates are made from weaker and more sensitive cartilage, making them more vulnerable. Eventually they will be covered by harder bone tissue, but during growth years they are exposed.


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